How to Install the Value of Email Marketing

We cannot deny the value of email marketing, over time email proves to be one of the most effective marketing tools, but it is not used by everyone as a part of their marketing plan, 

because of the spread of its marketing importance from a short time ago. Here's how it is possible to prove the value of email marketing and build a winning plan. It is one of the hardest points we hear from our customers.

Someone says, "I'm all too aware of the importance of email marketing, but I haven't been given the time or resources I need to do it well, so how do I convince my boss, team, and executives to put email as a marketing media priority?"

How to Install the Value of Email Marketing

As with any marketing plan, officials in your company want to know the expected results before making the resources for this plan, and officials cannot adopt a marketing plan without understanding the ability to effect it may have.

It can seem difficult to communicate how important email marketing is to someone who doesn't work with it daily. Given that they have been surrounded by the newer digital marketing methods for so long, email marketing may seem like an outdated approach to them.

But we are here to tell you that nothing is closer to the truth, which is why in this article we will help you prove the importance of email marketing, both to customers and administrators within the company.

How valuable are email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is one of the most profitable methods of marketing, if not the most, with returns on investment ranging from 3600% to 4400%, i.e. a financial return ranging from $36 to $44 for every US dollar spent on email marketing, and of course, there is a very huge payoff. 

With these returns, email should be included in anyone’s marketing efforts. It is not enough to put email as a marketing method, but focus on it based on a serious marketing field, while other media such as social media, can be important for engagement and awareness, but they don't bring as much profit as email marketing.

Small business owners and novice marketers can benefit from the power of email, as getting started with email marketing are relatively easy to balance with other marketing tactics.

Why is electronic mail advertising greater powerful than different media?

There are a few reasons that explain the increasing trend towards email marketing, and here are some benefits that email marketing has over other media.

Easy to customize

Email gives you the ability to customize your messages more effectively than other media. Instead of sending the same message to everyone, you can craft several messages via email, by defining your target audience, and then scheduling the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Which makes optimizing your marketing campaign easier.

Access to mobile devices

Mobile data traffic makes up more than half of all internet traffic. It may seem counterintuitive to you, but people are using their phones a lot in 2021, and e-mail is the best way to reach them, as about 85% of smartphone users verify their e-mail, while there are a few other marketing media that confirm You reach someone that far.

It is integrated into your extensive marketing plan

The possibility to use other marketing methods along with email marketing is another thing that makes it attractive, such as content marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising, to create coherent marketing campaigns.


On balance, with other marketing methods such as advertising, email marketing is not considered expensive. The only costs of email marketing are paying your email service provider, as well as the effort involved in launching your campaigns.

You can send as many emails as you want, like newsletters, welcome messages, transaction messages, customer retention messages, new product launches, follow-up messages, and so on, and it never hurts your bottom line.

It can be tracked easily

On balance with other media, it's easy to monitor email metrics and track results, such as message open rate, click rates, and unsubscribe rates, throughout your email provider's reporting tool, which makes it easy to track results.

Frequently asked questions about how to start an email marketing plan

There are a lot of frequently asked questions about how to get started with the email. Here are the most frequently asked questions, and how they can be answered to win customers and admins.

It's just an email, so why should we spend more time and money on it?

Yes, it may sound like just an email to you, but it is a much more powerful marketing tool than you think, as the ROI for email marketing is at least twice the ROI of any other digital marketing tool. Email is one of the easiest places to reach your customers, as most of them check their email.

Email is not just a marketing tool, people are pretty addicted to it. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you checked your email based on first thing in the morning? Or the remaining component you do at night? Or when you're in line at the grocery store or the bank line? Don't you check it when you're in the waiting room at the doctor's, too?

Email reaches people wherever they are. Which is great for delivering messages and getting excellent results.

Can't we get the same results from social media?

Emailing your brand to consumers places a greater commitment on them than simply clicking the “like” button in a tweet, which is why email marketing has more impact than any other marketing medium, with the average purchase coming from email being 3 times higher. Times the average purchase that comes from social media.

Despite these facts, we don't want to put email and social media against each other. Ideally, rely on both to help you achieve your goals (we'll get into this in a bit).

Features like social media sharing buttons and direct messaging to social networks can help you get more subscribers to your social channels, which leads to more social followers coming to your email list.

How can I tell that the sales are coming from the email and not from some other random factor?

After you launch some marketing campaigns, dig into your data. You can see a direct increase in traffic and sales every time you send your campaign messages; If your email service provider integrates with your e-commerce platform, you can sign the real purchases that result from every electronic mail click.

But in the end, email is just one marketing method among many others.

Someone might receive an email with an offer, but don't decide based on it, and after a while, they see a social media post or see an ad from your brand reminding them of your offer, which prompts them to visit your site directly, and they might not even click On the email link, so the data doesn't provide a direct relationship, but what is certain is that email has a huge role in influencing your sales.

I get hundreds of emails, and I don't care why should I invest in it?

That may sound right, but we bet some brands always care about their emails, so it's important to craft your emails the right way, so when your brand sends personalized, product-related messages to consumers, they open it right away.

Do you have some email marketing stats to help me make the case?

Yes, of course, but we will not include all the statistics related to email marketing, because they are too many, but here is a list of some of them to help you prove the importance of email marketing:

  • There are over 4 billion active email users per day, which is more than Facebook and Instagram combined according to a Statist study, which means it includes all segments of society.
  • Email is used by 90.3% of Internet users in the United States of America, compared to the Facebook platform used by 69% of adults in the United States of America, according to a statistical study by Statist.
  • Brands that always include A/B testing in their emails offer an ROI of $48 per $1 according to a Litmus statistical study.
  • Marketers who use the retail experience generate a 760% increase in revenue, according to a Campaign Monitor statistical study.
  • 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media marketing than give up email marketing, according to a Litmus statistical study.
  • 91% of adults in the USA would prefer to receive promotional emails from their business, according to a survey by Marketing Sherpa.
  • To help you gain new customers, email is about 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined, according to a McKinsey statistical study.

in conclusion

An email will continue to exist, as marketing continues and develops along with the development of the modern world. Only email marketing can create new opportunities to interact with your audience.

And the most important part is that the more you use email to reach your audience, the more experience you have and the better your emails will get, showing the value of email marketing to your organization and your bosses.

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