A set of basic ways to learn and master local SEO

Have you optimized your business website to lead in local search results? If you don't, you will miss out on a lot of potential customers who will buy from a local store nearby. Local SEO optimization is a must for small businesses operating locally at the regional level.

A set of basic ways to learn and master local SEO

The rate of local searches on Google is about 46%, and according to some reports, most consumers search for stores or service centers near them. Therefore, you will get quick conversions if you can improve your business website for these consumers by having your products and services appear in their search results.

Local SEO (Local SEO) helps you stay popular on the net, which brings you more traffic, generates more potential sales, and ultimately leads to more sales and more profit.

Local SEO is an excellent way to compete with big brands, which have a large amount of resources to spend on marketing strategies, in order to achieve more conversions and stay popular.

Big brands usually target a larger user base, so they focus on improving their sites and working on a national scale.

Or global, rather than focusing on the local or regional levels, this means that if you invest effort in improving your local SEO for your site, you ensure that it easily ranked you in search engine results.

The question here is: What are the ways to improve local SEO? Here are 4 ways to get quick results:

1. Create geo-located pages

According to these sources, the growth of 'search near your location' search types has exceeded 900% in the past two years, and figures also confirm that 72% of consumers visited a store less than 8 km from their location after performing a local search.

The above clearly shows the importance of creating pages specific to the geographical location of commercial projects. Site specific pages are one of the most important aspects of local SEO and not including them in your SEO strategy will cause lower sales and affect conversion rate.

All you have to do is create an "About Us" page, and include important details about your store, such as address, contact addresses, opening hours and parking availability, as well as details on Google Maps.

You should also create geo-located content and publish it on your website to target local keywords. Let's say you own a bakery in a city, and you can write about baking lessons in your local area, or talk about a local event involving pies and pastries to raise money for charities, or whatever fits your business.

Thus, this content will give you the opportunity to strategically include keywords based on geographic location, which will enhance your site's ranking in search results.

Another interesting idea is to create a name related to the geographical location. Instead of just typing the name of the store, you can name it “Pies and Pastries X-Best Pies in Cairo”; In this way, you ensure that your store website is included in the business name, which helps improve local SEO, and allows more people the opportunity to see your project in search results.

2. Use commercial evidence to your advantage

The next point that must be addressed to improve local SEO is to add your business to the companies and businesses directory, as there are many well-known companies and business directories sites, such as Yelp or Yellow pages and others.

Adding your business to the business directory list makes it easier to find your company when searching locally, in addition, online directories sites have a high level of Domain Authority (i.e. a highly rated domain), so your business is more likely to appear in Search results if included in those directories. This process creates a backlink for your company's website.

Make sure the details of your business are consistent within these guides, otherwise you will hinder the work of the search engines and waste your efforts to market your company. Check several times that the key information is consistent on all platforms.

3. Optimize Google My Business

Optimizing your business within your Google My Business profile matters in boosting your site's ranking in local search results, as Google My Business is a free tool from Google that allows you to manage your business and network presence through Google Apps This includes the search and Google Maps applications.

Google automatically uses your project information and images you add to create a website, and you can edit that website and include images and other relevant details to get people to know your project.

You can allow users to add their reviews about your business, and you can benefit from those reviews as a social proof of the quality of your services, which contributes to boosting sales, and the previous tool is an excellent way to connect with your local audience and improve your site's SEO at the same time.

If Google accepts your business documentation, it may reward you with a space for your business on the sidebar of your local Google search page.

4. Create high quality backlinks

One of the good tricks to improve local SEO is to build high-quality text backlinks to your site. According to a study from Moz, link references are the most important factor in local package results, and the second most important factor in improving local organic search results.

There is no point in creating a lot of backlinks without a clear goal, as you should focus your attention on the quality and quality of those links instead of the number, when you have enough links within high-quality domains, through which you can direct users to your site, so that your site becomes more reliable For Google, so your site will rank higher in search results, but the question now is, how do you create high-quality backlinks to help you improve local SEO?

One way is to create high-quality content, so that others want to share that content via a link to your site. You can try guest posting on a site with a high domain strength.

Another trick, which a lot of marketers used to improve their back linking strategy, is also to collaborate with influencers on social media, where you can do this and promote the influence and your company each side leaving a link to the other’s site, which strengthens the strategy Link building.

If you want to stay in the market and boost sales and total conversions, pay attention to improving local SEO, as most businesses ignore this marketing strategy, and thus lose a lot of potential customers. If you want to avoid this problem, start improving your local SEO right away.

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