Live shopping: the e-commerce trend!

Live shopping In the context of the current health crisis and social distancing requirements, stores have been deprived of entertainment.

Live shopping the e-commerce trend! Live shopping the e-commerce trend!

Such as demonstration workshops or collaborative workshops. 

Live shopping, which was born in China, is already beginning to establish itself in Europe and particularly in France. 

What are the challenges and advantages offered by this new purchasing trend? 

What is Live Shopping? 

  • If you are part of the home shopping, generation, live shopping has the same fundamentals, except for a few details.
  • Except that live shopping is done with the bonuses of digital evolution: on social networks and on websites.
  • The principle is to present a product to the public and talk about its advantages and strengths to encourage participants to buy the product. All this is live or direct, and the participants can therefore intervene directly.

Why adopt Live Shopping?

The health situation:

  • We are all aware of the turn the current health crisis is taking. Live shopping is an alternative for stores that are currently closed to events.
  • At shows and fairs where salespeople demonstrate how to use the tool.
  • And even that they can offer more compared to the number of people who can attend the life.

The evolution of e-commerce platforms

Of the 10 most used online video distribution platforms in Europe, only 3 of them offer live shopping. Live shopping is progressing more and more on traditional platforms that offer videos. 

We are certain that the competition will soon heat up. 

This will further propel the practice of this trend. It's only a matter of time. Live shopping is becoming the focus of these e-commerce giants.

What are the advantages? 

A notoriety lever:

With its attractive and fun side, live shopping allows major brands to establish their notoriety. By the number of people who will be present in the life, the number of reactions and questions prove the interest that the public may have in your product and your brand.

A buying lever: 

Live shopping solves one of the problems marketers have faced with the emergence of e-commerce. It is that of the loss of the compulsive purchase that customers can make.

This new buying trend recreates part of the physical sale. Life gives the customer the opportunity to see, have the product tested, and ask questions directly to the seller.

Delegate all the missions that can be done online about the limit!

Invest in qualified remote resources at an optimized cost compared to an employee in Europe. Take advantage of the many skills and expertise of our teams to support the growth of your business.

Reach a specific community:

This recent practice can help companies bring more precision to their targets. 

By working with influencers specializing in the products you want to launch, you can be sure to reach the right audience. 

And even, you already have a view of the number of people you will reach. And let's not forget that the geographical barrier is completely non-existent in Lite Shipping.

Save your marketing budget: 

  1. You can earn a considerable margin with Lite Shipping. 
  2. Live shopping is very easy to set up and has almost infinite possibilities in terms of use and format. 
  3. We must not forget that we are talking about a digital platform. 
  4. The Lives that have already been recorded will always remain available to other prospects who may be interested in the product. 

Collect information: 

Another advantage of Live shopping is that the information will be given directly by Internet users who will attend to your life.  

The questions they will ask will be a boon to society in understanding consumer behavior. They will also help with any FAQs and help to refine the associated product sheets.  

This will help you to always reach new prospects by not spending as much as redoing a new demonstration in the store at each new event. 

In short, the conversion rate on a Live is 15 to 35% versus 1 to 1.5% on an e-commerce site. 

This is not to be taken lightly given the establishment that it is already doing at the moment with the Chinese giant Express on European territory.  

Also, discover the Shopper monument, and do your shopping while having fun!!
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