7 tips for creating quality web content

Creating quality web content? When you have a blog or a site, you firstly hope to be read. Hence, the question of traffic and SEO. Several parameters contribute to optimize the traffic and SEO of the site or blog, and one of them is the quality web content.

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But the content isn't just about stories and messages. It includes structure, tools (CMS, for example), SEO, accessibility, among others. 

You will hear about content strategy, brand content, content marketing, web content, web content quality, relevant content, copywriting, and so forth  

In short, with this content, communicate with your users, your customers, while succeeding in your strategy

THIS. Here are some tips that will help you write a web page (or a blog post) in a way that optimizes your SEO and traffic to your site.

1. Have a style of quality content

Set the tone! The most popular or followed sites or blogs are those with a defined and well-chosen editorial style

Your seriousness, your humor, your didactic, your ironic, your polemic... it's up to you to choose how to address your users. It can be a tone in perfect harmony with your theme, or a completely offbeat tone. 

A great success of choice of offbeat tone in editorial (but also in graphics and video), I named Michel and Augustin.

2. Structure your content

We often hear on the web: content is kin. This is even more true in 2017, because with the constant updates of Google's algorithms, the quality of content always comes back to the center of attention. Internet users want quick access to the information they need. And this involves the classification of content.

The contents must be identified and classified: in order of importance from the most important to the least important, or in cascading mode that a subject, or a theme, leads to another and so right now. 

Someone will thus place the contents in 'boxes' to be called up without difficulty by the requests of Internet users. So, a question arises: what is good content?

3. Choose your keywords and work on your semantic mesh

To get a good natural referencing, think about the keywords and choose the words to be referenced

No question of taking random words related to your theme, or the words that you think others use the most. 

A study of keywords may very surprise you, because very often you get stuck in your own jargon, thinking that visitors are typing the keywords you think of, and only those! 

Fatal error ! Without supporting figures and without a study of keywords and expressions, you risk failure! 

To get these figures and make an analysis, there are several online tools: among others, Google Ads of course, but also Yoda Insight or SEM Rush, for example.

4. Optimize your SEO with titles and tags

It is necessary, as much as possible, to ensure that the content of each page is specific and well worked out. Some examples:

  • The name of the HTML file must mean something and, even better, contain a keyword.
  • The Title tag must be short (between 5 and 10 words), unique for each page, and must also contain keywords.
  • The keywords tag: it is no longer considered by Google, but it costs you nothing to fill it with a few keywords on the page.
  • ALT tags, alternative texts: these areas are also to be filled with keywords on the theme of the page and the description of the image. Google reads all these tags, they can help you with SEO and also accessibility.
  • The anchors of the links: if they contain the keywords for the pages which concern them (the pages to which they refer), it is better. The classic error is to write “Click here”.

5. Think conversion and work on net linking

Content is still the best way to attract visitors to your site. Relevant content that brings real value will allow you, for example, to create a community. 

But your main goal is still to optimize your conversion rate, and content can help you do that. When thinking and writing content, always think about your reader and what you would like them to do. If your goal is to sell, you don't need to create a long text explaining the why and how. Prefer a short text giving the essential information and which leads your visitor to convert.

Net linking is a strategy of relevant inbound and outbound links in your theme. Since Google Penguin, link farms are no longer useful — these links can even be catastrophic for your natural referencing. 

The better the links, the more visibility you will gain. How to do? Contact influencers

The most followed profiles in your domain influence your web visibility and can help you increase it. It is therefore important to inform them of your existence and your desire to provide quality content to the theme you are dealing with. 

By creating a real communication strategy, with partnerships with influencers, you will increase your visibility, your credibility and, therefore, your conversion rate.

6. Think internet users and mobile first

With increasingly easy access to the information and products they are looking for, Internet users are increasingly demanding in terms of research. 

He wants to find information quickly and read it quickly. He won't spend 20 minutes reading your content, even if it's great. So favor short texts and not too long pages.

In addition, the mobile is increasingly used to browse the web. Create your texts and your site in mobile friendly : short texts and responsive site. You will thus reach an ever-increasing number of potential customers.

7. Be creative without neglecting the media

Let your creativity do the talking, while respecting your editorial line, and you will reach your target easily. Browse the web for inspiration and get started.

Don't limit yourself to infographics or photos. List all the supports that can be used in your theme and play with them. Videos, podcasts, e-books, slides, infographics… Change, renew, innovate… You can express yourself differently with each new content production.
Get started!

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