How to content creation strategy with high added value?

I tell you (very) often that content creation strategy = Quality + Regularity. And I think it's time to dwell a little longer on the first item: quality.

content creation strategy

Because what is quality content creation strategy after all? Above all, it is content with high added value for your audience, whether on your blog, your social networks, your podcast or your YouTube channel.

But once we've said that, don't you find that the concept of high value-added content remains relatively abstract?

Therefore, we will see in this article how to create content with high added value in a concrete way!


Asking how to create content with high added value comes down to asking how to really bring something to your audience

And if you are asking yourself this question – which you certainly are if you are reading this article – I can only congratulate you! It means you're focused on your audience, and you're not producing content just because you have to. 

You do this because you want to share your knowledge and experiences, and because you want to help your audience

When I say help, it can be in the primary sense of the term, but also entertain, make people smile, please, and so forth 

Going back to the definition of a high value content creation strategy, I asked you on Instagram what that means to you. Two main responses emerged:

  • learn something that you have never seen elsewhere;
  • useful content for their ideal client.

And I find these two answers very interesting and complementary. Indeed, your listener, your reader, your viewer (it all depends on the communication medium you use) wants to have a good time-consuming your content. 

To bring him what he wants, you must therefore offer him something useful, otherwise he will quickly turn around, but also bring him something original

On this last point, I feel that some of you are going to panic because you have the impression that everything has already been said about everything. 

And that's true. It's not necessarily about demonstrating innovation worthy of the Nobel Prize, but rather trying to be creative and by providing personal comments, for example.  


Now that we know a little better what we are talking about, it is also important to understand why it is important to create content with high added value for your audience. There are 3 major arguments:

  1. Stand out from the competition. As soon as you bring value reliable and correctly explained information to your audience, you will immediately make a difference;
  2. Demonstrate professionalism. This is about showing what you are capable of. It's not flaunting skills with big slices of incomprehensible jargon! However, by creating high-quality content, your many skills will shine through with each speech;
  3. Inspire confidence. If your audience sees that you have mastered your subject perfectly, they will want to continue to follow you and even to use your services or buy your products as soon as they are ready. Your audience feels like they know you.

It's a bit like passing a job interview or a quality test without realizing it!  

6 TIPS FOR CREATING HIGH VALUE content creation strategy

I promised you, and we are getting there, we will now be able to see how to concretely create high value-added content without tearing our hair out before each content creation strategy publication! And this requires 6 essential principles:  


The first thing to do before creating is to create a high value content creation strategy creation strategy for your ideal client and connect with them. 

What do I mean by that? For your ideal client to perceive the value you bring in your content, it must appear obvious to them. 

It must be obvious that your content creation strategy is aimed at him because you deal with a subject that concerns him precisely, because you use exactly the words he would have used himself and because you really meet his needs. 

However, to know what he likes, what he needs, and to solve his problems, you must first have drawn up his portrait exhaustively. If you do not go through this preliminary step, you risk creating content in a vacuum!  


This is the very basis of content creation strategy ! Do not be afraid to give freely. Free content is what will allow your ideal client to know who he is dealing with, whether in terms of skills and expertise or from a human point of view, including your values. 

For example, you can offer an e-book for free download on your website, besides your publications on social networks and/or your blog articles. You will quickly see how much your audience appreciates this kind of attention.  

3–MIX content creation strategy TYPES

There is no single type of content with high added value. There are plenty of ways to approach things to bring something to your audience. 

Therefore, I encourage you to mix purely technical content with your sharing of experiences, customer testimonials, the backstage of your activity, and so forth 

Don't forget to regularly talk about your products and services. I know that in the end this is the most difficult part, because we are afraid to pass for carpet merchants. 

But at some point, tell your audience what you are doing so that your subscribers/readers/listeners/viewers become your customers. 

For starters, an 80/20 ratio doesn't sound bad to me at all. 80% of your content deals with a subject related to your theme, and 20% of your content directly highlights your products or services. Once you are a little more comfortable, you can go to 70/30, for example.  


I'm sure, reading these words, some of you are going to have these kinds of thoughts: How could I provide value by offering warmed-up content? Well, know that if it's warmed up for you, it's not for your audience! Indeed, the people who follow you:

  • do not consume all of your content;
  • need to see a piece of information at least 7 times to keep it;
  • have mediums of choice, some like podcasts, others blog posts and others only consume content on social networks.

So if you split a blog post into several Instagram posts or if you make a carousel, it's a safe bet your subscribers will not process the information in the same way, even if they had read the blog post a few weeks or months earlier. Help your audience by explaining things to them in different ways and through different mediums.  


One of the most effective ways to produce high-value content is to ask your audience what they want to see on your account and answer all questions. It is by exchanging with your audience that you will forge a real bond and build a community. 

Show that you are listening to them, reassure them by showing that you understand them, know their needs and know how to help them.  


Finally, high-value content is– anyway–content creation strategy that contains a small part of your DNA

You know, that little thing that makes all the difference, and that makes a person recognizable among 1,000 because they are unique. 

That's what I'm talking about. Putting a bit of yourself into your content, even if it deals with a technical subject (and even more in this case) is also a way to add value. 

Your experience and your opinion have value for your audience. You are the added value of your business, so drag it everywhere! You now have the keys to creating a content creation strategy with high added value. If I had to keep only two–yes, because only one is not possible–it would be to perfectly know your ideal client and to be you

Tell me in the comments what makes for you a content with high added value or not, I am very interested in this 😊.  

WHAT TO REMEMBER ABOUT HIGH VALUE content creation strategy


Content with high added value is a content creation strategy that aims to help your audience. This type of content will allow you to stand out from the competition, show your expertise, your professionalism and inspire confidence.

  • Come up with something useful and original.
  • know your ideal client inside out.
  • vary the content and recycle them.
  • be yourself, interact with your audience.

You now know how to create a high value-added content creation strategy in a concrete way. If you have questions, submit them to us in the comments. In the meantime, you can join the newsletter for twice as much advice. 

Share your opinion on the comments 😊

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