How to create quality content? 7 pro tips

How to create quality content? Content creation is a profitable strategy for companies understood in the broad sense (freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs, Vies/SMEs or major brands). 

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Indeed, publishing content on the web allows you to gain visibility and develop your brand image without having to resort to traditional prospecting. 

However, for content marketing to be truly effective, it is essential to design quality content. If you are wondering how to create quality content, we give you our best advice in this article.


There is no official definition of what quality content is. Indeed, the assessment of what is qualitative or not is very subjective. Everyone has their own criteria.

However, in terms of content creation, certain elements are characteristic of content that can be described as quality.

First, quality content brings real added value to its recipient to your audience and to the users of the various platforms. It will be the origin of a transformation, a line of thought and/or an emotion. Therefore, quality content does not leave its audience indifferent.

To know if quality content is quality, ask yourself if it is content that:

  • Easy to hold?
  • Is actionable immediately?
  • Brings a fresh perspective to the subject?

In summary, quality content is content that delivers value to your audience.


Creating content is essential. This should even be rule number 1 in content strategy.

Indeed, we often say and repeat that we must create content regularly. It's totally true. But regularly does not mean flooding the platforms with your content, and betting everything on quantity. It is better to favor quality over quantity. Otherwise, your content may produce the opposite effects of those expected.

The fact explains this that quality content allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. By creating content that is more complete, more relevant, more interesting than the other people who speak on your theme, you will get out of the game.

Besides, creating quality content is a great way to prove your expertise and show your prospects that you are the right person for them. It also reinforces your brand image.

We can even go further. Not only does quality content stand out, but it also attracts attention. This will be all the more true if you inject your personality into it.

Indeed, quality content is not slick, academic content. It is a form of authentic communication where you deliver information in your own way to effectively reach your target and help them.

This allows you to attract the right people. Quality content brings in qualified leads.

Finally, creating quality content appeals to algorithms. Whether search engines or social networks, all platforms want to meet the needs of their users to keep them as long as possible. To achieve this, these platforms promote quality content. So you can gain visibility.


Now is the time to give you our tips for creating quality content. We would like to point out that we will deal here with many content, whether to feed a professional blog or your social networks.


If you decide to opt for content marketing to develop your business, you must know why you are making this choice: What are the results you want to get precisely?

Then, for each content, you will define a goal. For example, is the goal to gain visibility quickly by creating rather light content like a real Instagram using trendy music or is the goal to promote the natural referencing of your website, and in this case you will write a good blog post on a keyword with high search volume.

Added to these considerations is the desire to deliver a certain message and possibly to buy certain emotions.

Your intent behind designing content should be crystal clear. It is she who will determine the format, the communication channel, but also the angle you used to deliver your message.


Never forget that you are not creating content for yourself, but for your ideal customer or persona.

So of course you can create content that you like–it is even strongly recommended, otherwise it shows–but keep in mind the person you are addressing:

  1. What does she need?
  2. What questions does she ask herself?
  3. What could make the difference to her?
  4. What does she want us to talk to her about?
  5. How?

The only judge of the quality of your content is your audience. So turn your content towards it!


There is no magic recipe for creating quality content. Also, content that works one day may not yield the same results some time after.

The tastes, trends, and preferences of your target are changing. You must, therefore, learn to juggle between the different content. This also saves you from boring your audience.

For this, you can vary the written, video and audio formats. For example, on Instagram, you can create:

  • classic publications with a single visual, and why not with a GIF from time to time?
  • carousels where visuals are scrolled;
  • real, i.e. short videos;
  • story by posting a photo or video for 24 hours.

Likewise, we recommend you alternate the contents:

  • educational;
  • entertaining;
  • promotional.

These three categories of content allow you to bring value differently while creating a close link with your audience.


A mistake common to many entrepreneurs is the use of too expert a vocabulary. By dint of wanting to show their perfect knowledge of their field, entrepreneurs use jargon that is totally foreign to their target. There is therefore a whole educational and awareness work to be done.

Depending on the level of knowledge of your field by your ideal client, adapt your vocabulary.

For example, if you are an HR consultant, you will contact HRDs who, in principle, master the terms of your profession. 

But if you are a web designer, it is likely that the jewelry designer who discovers your content does not understand much about SSL or even knows the difference between WordPress and Show it. And finally, this ignorance is a boon for you, because you will create great content to answer all his questions.


The content is extremely important, but the form is just as important. I made our brain in such a way that it more easily keeps the messages delivered via images. At least, the readability of the content is an essential point whether it is a visual (photo, illustration, computer graphics or video) or a text.

This requires the proper use of your graphic charter and the adaptation of the content to the dimensions required by the publication platform. For example, the dimensions of a story, a post or a Pinterest pin are not at all the same.

So if you want your content to make you want to be read or seen, don't neglect the form.


Quality content is also content that generates reactions. It can be likes, comments, registration, private message, email response to your newsletter, appointment booking, and so forth

However, to create engaging content, you must not only create quality content but also encourage action. Don't forget to systematically include a call to action (CTA) in your content.


Finally, if we had to give you only one piece of advice for creating quality content, it would be this: Give before you receive.

The more generous you are with your ideal client, the more results you will have. Don't withhold information for fear of giving away too much. It's never too much!


Creating quality content is an exercise that requires practice, but above all, careful observation of your audience's needs and trends. You also need a good dose of adaptability. Below, I summarize our tips for creating quality content:

  1. Have clear goals
  2. Think about your ideal client
  3. Very content types
  4. Adapt your vocabulary
  5. Pay attention to substance and form
  6. Encourage engagement
  7. Give before you receive

👉 Wanting to create quality content is really great. However, this should not paralyze you and prevent you from testing things! Creating content is, above all, daring to offer things your way while taking a sincere interest in your audience. And if this is a challenge for you, you can always call on the experts.

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