Top 10 tips to increase your SEO

 What are the top SEO strategies in 2023?

Top 10 tips to increase your SEO. Far from being a sleight of hand or esotericism, natural referencing is based on both technique and a content strategy to develop the positioning of its website within search engines. Let's take a look back at some tips to get a good ranking. 

What are the top  SEO strategies in 2023?

How to rank your site among the first when searching on search engines? A redundant question that finds its answer in SEO (also called natural referencing).

And to achieve this, many factors come into play: think about SEO upstream of the design of the site (internal mesh, sitemap, type of CMS or not, UI / UX design, keywords ...), look closely at the technical aspects (H1 tags, alt ..., speed, security, etc.) and have a digital strategy, especially editorial, to bring the site to life and therefore gain visibility.

Practices that you can deepen through our SEO / SEO tutorials. Because SEO is not done in a day, it requires not only measurement tools (see our training on Google Analytics for example), a good knowledge of algorithms, especially those of Google that tend to make rain and shine, and regularity in the publication of content.

A site has to be alive, and search engines love that, the little that the links in the content point to the right keywords! Here are some tips – not exhaustive – that allow you to obtain a better positioning over time.

1. Avoid Losing visitors with an informative and personalized 404 pages

Nothing is more unpleasant than clicking on a link to land on an error page, because the content no longer exists at that address.

The time a visitor spends on a website is particularly short (on average 2 min and 17 seconds in 2021 according to a study by the site). However, it is always a shame to lose a visitor when considerable effort has been made to capture his attention.

By creating a 404 error page in the style of its site, visually impacting and humorous, while giving the possibility to return to the site menu, you avoid having a bounce rate (person who leaves your site) too important.

2. Use 301 redirects wisely

In line with 404 errors, 301 redirects redirect the broken link of content to the right address, thus avoiding the appearance of this famous page.

Used wisely, they offer the opportunity not only to avoid 404 errors, but also give good information to search engine robots that regularly scrutinize your site by telling them the right URL.

3. Streamline Google's crawl budget

With nearly 1.8 billion sites created worldwide, it's hard for Google to devote all its resources to scanning URLs site by site.

This is why the search engine has a crawl budget that allows it to save its resources by allocating to each site a number of pages to be crawled by its robots.

By studying more closely the behavior of robots, thanks to the analysis log, it is possible to induce their passage on the most efficient pages of your site in order to maximize SEO and conversion.

4. Structure texts and images (tags)

This is the basis of SEO! The use of h1, h2, h3 tags... allow content to be effectively structured by indicating to search engines the most important titles.

In this sense, it is essential to use the most important keywords and their synonyms, a guarantee of good practice. The same goes for images, the alt tag is used to indicate what the image represents to bots and what it refers to.

5. Optimize internal mesh

A good structuring of a site goes through inbound links by making logical correlations with existing pages. On its  own, this practice can play a significant role in increasing your positioning.

6. Study your competitors' backlinks to refine your strategy

A permanent watch of the competition is essential, whether upstream of the creation of a site and after. By looking at where backlinks come from, it will be easier to develop a strategy that works and avoid pitfalls.

In any case, it is a beneficial approach based on observation that will quickly acquire good knowledge in the field. Be careful, however, to check that these practices are not beyond the limits of what search engines tolerate.

7. Promote regular original content

In recent years, search engines such as Google have favored sites that are regularly updated with new, original content (exit duplicate content by copying the texts of a competitor site or its own site) and related to the sector you address.

The choice of the right keywords pointing to the right pages to push is also an important element, the choice of semantics playing a considerable role.

8. Create your private site network (PBN)

Less known, but currently tolerated by search engines, less by competition, the technique of creating a network of private sites (PBN for Personal Blog Network), offers several advantages:

  • Mastery of the net linking strategy without depending on third parties;

  • A quick change in your strategy if necessary;

  • To have relevant links pointing to content adapted to your needs.

9. Hero to ads and popups on mobile

Misplaced popups on mobile affect the readability of a website. A technique to avoid just like so-called interstitial advertisements (pop-up opening in front of the content, video triggering after a time of playback, etc.) which can lead to penalties, harming the user experience.

The choice of ad placement must be made in a reasoned and reasonable manner at the risk of visitors fleeing your site.

10. Aim for speed and responsive design

The speed of execution of a site is paramount at the time, when the viewing of sites on mobile has long exceeded that on computer.

This requires optimization at the technical level (minimization, reduction of image weight, CDN, cache extension, hosting solution, technology...), several sites, including GTmetrix allow having relevant indications on what needs to be improved.

In addition, the content of a site must adapt to all screens, hence the importance of responsive design.

There are many other techniques to effectively optimize your SEO and many sites / forums (especially on Reddit and Discord) to deepen your knowledge.


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